Blue Moon Stories

Letter To Our Deepest Friend

Dear Fear,

You have been my dearest friend over all these years. You have made me feel cozy and warm, kept me unwavering company and protected me like no one else. Without you, I may as well have been dead. You know I love you very much. But I need to tell you that recently, I met someone.

Remember that speech they invited me for and you told me not to go onstage? That was the first time I cheated. I stood under the spotlight and fumbled; they jeered and giggled. But she held my hand and didn’t let me stop until I finished what I had to say. Her name is Courage. I got a feeble applause like you had warned, but as I walked offstage I couldn’t lose my smile. Last month, I met her again when Rahul slapped me. I know you told me to give him another chance, but she made me slap him back and break up with him. She kept pushing me off the cliff, but every single time I found myself flying. She makes me feel free. Happy.

Now that I have met Courage, I don’t think I can ever stop thinking of her. But I can never let you go either; you are my first love. I just need you to open your heart to our new companion. Because we deserve a fair chance to be together.

Hope you understand.

Always in your debt,

A Mortal

Speaking of Things

A Flickering Light Bulb

All these nights I have stared at her, her face glowing like gold. I have been an obedient slave to her whims, shutting myself in or burning myself away whenever she wanted, hungry for that one look from her. And today, old and dying, when I can obey her no more, she wrinkles her forehead and stares at me for the first time. If only I had known that I had only to be a little rebellious to catch her attention.

-A flickering light bulb